Between Mars and Jupiter Collaborators

Maureen Whiting:

Aura Fischbeck:

Ronja Ver:

Maxine Moerman:

Leigh Riley:

Caitlin Daly:

Keryn Breiterman-Loader:

Joe Landini is a choreographer/curator and has been the program director of Shotwell studios and the Jon Sims center for the Arts. In 2007 he founded The Garage to create a “safehouse” for local performers and foster a creative community that is both inclusive and professional.


Caitlin Daly grew up studying ballet. While attending UC Davis she discovered the endless possibilities of modern dance. Caitlin is a special education teacher in San Francisco.


Irene Hsiao:  “I write about poetry. I dance about poetry. I write poems. I dance. I write about dance. I take photographs of dancing and non-dancing subjects. I’m fascinated by still lifes. I move around a lot. I studied science. I studied literature. I study what’s around me, and I study people, places, and things that are not.”


Karla  Quintero:  After graduating from the SUNY Purchase Conservatory of Dance, Quintero started her own dance company in Oakland. As both choreographer and dancer she explores her “curiosity of the unexpected and the unknown” and her search for “new ways to communicate using the basic tools of the human body.”


Romina Rodriguez Crosta studied in LA before moving East to train at the Five Colleges and the Ailey School of Dance. While in New York, she worked as a pick up dancer for several choreographers. Since moving to the Bay, she has performed with Deborah Karp Dance Projects, Annie Kahane, the DanceWright Project, Jaimielyn Duggan, Rachel Lincoln and Leslie Seiters.







Daria Kaufman holds a M.F.A. in Dance Performance from Mills College. Daria creates multi-layered dance theater that both absorbs and provokes audiences. She has written on dance for and, and  serves on the Isadora Duncan Dance Awards Committee (the “Izzies”).


Keryn Breiterman-Loader was born in Melbourne, Australia and grew up in Miami Beach, FL, where she trained at the Miami City Ballet School, attending summer programs at ABT and the Joffrey Ballet. In 2013 she graduated from Stanford University with distinction and honors, receiving degrees in Psychology and Dance.



Originally from Northern California, Arletta Anderson received her degree in dance from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. Upon graduating, she worked with various choreographers including Holly Johnston/Ledges and Bones, Kevin Williamson, Kate Hutter/LACDC, Kindra Windish and Rebecca Pappas/Pappas and Dancers. Arletta spent three years in New York where she danced with Esme Boyce, Molly Heller and was a part of Willi Dorner’s Bodies in Urban Spaces project. Since relocating to the Bay Area in summer 2013, Arletta has had the opportunity to work with GERALDCASELDANCE and Alma Esperanza Cunningham.


Mark McBeth:  Through photography and video, Mark documents Bay Area queer and alternative dance and performance art. His background in arts administration and social anthology and his commitment to the principles of Permaculture Design and Community Mediation informs his role as “performance ethnographer.”

 -Past Collaborator/Performers who have informed my work-

Rosmary Hannon is a performer, choreographer and dance teacher. Her performance career started in 1982 with San Francisco Ballet Company (The Nutcracker) and continued later with modern and post-modern dance engagement.

Kate Scarlett:  As the Scarlett in Scarlett & Axelrod, she combines imagination, creativity, and skill, to perform a mesmerizing duet on the aerial hoop. Spinning and raised high aloft, their movements take them through a graceful choreography of sculptural beauty.

Abigail Munn is an accomplished dancer, choreographer, aerialist and co-director of Circus Bella. She holds a BFA in dance from UC Santa Barbara and has performed with The Zoppe Italian Family Circus, New Pickle Circus, Velvet Hammer Burlesque, Wild West Performers, Alma Esperanza Cunningham Movement and the Oakland Opera.

Rebecca Pappas:

Cherami Conely Steadman:

Lisa Kitchen:


Tim Pickerill is a multi-media artist and Freelance Production Assistant. He has worked as a photographer and videographer, sound engineer and stage manager for performance art, dance, video and theater in San Francisco, New York and Europe.







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